What our Customers say...


"I have no recommendations, I'm happy with their work. I felt safe having your staff on my property. They were respectful at all times. Thank you for explaining what you were doing."

Eric and Anthony were great! Very knowledgeable and communicative. 

I have no recommendations, SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights did good work and were respectful to my needs.

Very professional, fast response, and got the work done on time.

Very professional, courteous, prompt, polite, and efficient.

Had a sewage back up and been complaining from bad odor, SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights ressolved the problem and was on top of everything. Very happy to work with them, they were professional and efficient.

I have no recommendations keep doing what your doing. Great reps and great service.

I was in a situation I was not in any familiarity with, the crew helped me with my concerns and were professional in getting me moving. I would recommend SERVPRO to any one in this situation.

The crew knew exactly what to do. They were very efficient and reliable.

Great customer service and great staff, very knowledgeable. 

SERVPRO was courteous, they clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process, they were professional, and also assisted me during this loss. SERVPRO of Upland did a great job.

The crew was professional, polite, and customer service was great. I gave them all 10's on the satisfaction form.

Eric was great! Fast, clean services. Crew did an incredible job.

I just called time to let him know how exceedingly happy and appreciative of the work that was done. The staff were courteous, explained all steps that was occurring and made us comfortable that all is well. Best of all, even in this heat they smiled and had a sense of humor. I would highly recommend them to all my neighbors family and friends. Thank you so much.

SERVPROs crew was very helpful and professional. Tim the owner was polite and courteous, got the job done fast and back to business in no time.

Very professional work was done here. We at FEDEX Would like to extend our deepest gratification to SERVPRO of Upland for doing such a terrific job. We were up and running in no time.

I looked on yelp because I needed somebody to come and help me with the flood in my house. I had a water leak by using yelp I came by this place SERVPRO and I was impressed with presentation and the management and customer service. They came over and they removed the carpet, they removed all the furniture, and they fixed the leak and they put every thing back and it looks better than it was before. I would recommend all my family and friends.

I gave SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights all 10's on the customer satisfaction form. I don't have any recommendations to help the SERVPRO franchise improve its performance in the future. I was completely satisfied with their work.

Number 1 company, very professional and they know what to do. You can count on them for anything, I know I can because they did my house. They got here fast so thank you SERVPRO, you're my heroes.

Tim and Abbey were very professional and I appreciated their time. SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio heights went above and beyond and updated me daily which I also appreciated.

This was a very interesting water damage that occurred. SERVPRO made it "Like it never even happened."

Communication with the office from the start was good. Office gave pricing to project manager to give verbally to the person in charge. We rated them on their customer satisfaction all 10's and one 9.

SERVPRO was amazing to work with. Tim and his team were so professional. Made a bad experience into a pleasant experience. Super impressed.

Excellent young men and assistant Gabriel. Everyone was very professional and that's why I gave them all 10's on their customer satisfaction form.

SERVPRO were like angels sent in to help us. We were devastated by what happened and they totally took care of us.

SERVPRO arrived to the loss in a timely manner, it was an emergency. I Ricky Parks the manager of Riverside Community Hospital is very pleased with the work done by SERVPRO of Upland. I expected everything to be completely clean by the time they left and they met my expectations!

As a business owner I am satisfied with the restoration done by SERVPRO of Upland. I practically gave them all 10's on the customer satisfaction form.

Salem, Erick, Jose, Josh, and Gabriel were all very helpful in our time of need! We couldn't be more grateful for their help, friendliness, and professionalism. Thank you SERVPRO of Upland

Salem from SERVPRO was super helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Upland. I am very happy with their services. 

SERVPRO was outstanding, helpful and very courteous.

Abbey, Tim and her team did a fantastic job on cleaning the mess from water damage in my house. I highly recommend them. I panic when I saw water under my hardwood floors. I contact Abbey right away, and I was so happy she calmed me down and told me not to worry that her team would be at my house to clean it up. The customer service is extremely important to me. This is the company I can count on at all times. I will refer them to all my friends and family with no doubts.

Abbey: Thank you so much to you and your team.

Teresa T.

The staff were professional, ethical, polite and good employees. Did great informing the process and cleaning.

A great team of professionals- respected our property. A great performance by all!

The on site personnel was early, has great communication, extremely friendly and really saved the day here. We will definitely use you again.

Was on scene when the fire department arrived. They were quick, respectful, and professional.

SERVPRO Upland is awesome! The service was great! They sent someone out to check on a situation the same day I called. I definitely recommend them!

Very professional, clean, tidy and complete. Very impressed.

A very good crew with the best service.

Mr. Fash wrote about our crew, Saleem and Gabe " Impressed by how courteous and knowledgably SERVPRO of Upland service personnel were. Always responded in a professional tone and dressed professionally.

Keep up the fast, smart, diligent work! The crew was professional, and they took care of me as if I was family! Thank you.

Dominque and Jessica Seim wrote, " SERVPRO was professional and I did not see any improvements needed. The staff did a great job. We truly appreciated the hard work put into our home to remove the damage. We are very thankful to each staff member who help us! Even the owner of the company, Tim and Abbey Khoury, stopped by!

Marielyn Neil wrote, " I would use the SERVPRO of Upland again. They were onsite within the first 2 hours and took care of the problem fast. I would recommend this franchise to my friends, family and colleagues."

Lisa Santiago wrote about our crew, Gabe, Erick, and Josue " Very professional company. Always kept in constant communication. Made our horrible experience a little less stressful."

Elizabeth Henley wrote "SERVPRO of Upland and San Antonio Heights is very professional, polite and a company full of knowledge. Gabriel and his team were most gracious and very helpful."

Joseph from Covina wrote SERVPRO has shown us the pride of this company and it didn’t stop there. They were professional, courteous, hard workingmen that were clean . The performance and sensitive to the care of our property was outstanding. CEO’s made sure to provide us with a hands-on follow up to make sure we were satisfied with the project. One could not ask for more in a company. PROFESSIONALISM, EXCELLENCE and SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio, CA are all-synonymous of one another!

Ms De Palma from Los Angeles wrote SERVPRO of Upland's attention in detail and persistent follow up and critical thought is in a class of it's own. It's never a good day and always very stressful experience by default having you on the job made it bearable, you listened and made me feel confident that it was going to get done and most importantly get done right. Thank you again , you surely are the best in your field

Christina from El Monte, CA wrote ...Very prompt, professional and meticulous about getting the job done well and on time, felt as though they treated out home better than their own, certainly performed beyond our expectations. Thank you Tim & Abbey.

I had a bad experience with ANOTHER SERVPRO Franchise, But SERVPRO of Upland was great, They stopped all my fears. Rating is normally 10, I give them 20. I also rated them 15 for being impressed on site personnel Abbey Khoury that performed Services with her Crew.

Margaret from Rancho Cucamonga, CA wrote SERVPRO was at my location within half hour from placing the call to them. Tim Khoury showed up with his crew who immediately took charge of the situation. I was reassured that things would be OK. Later Abbey Khoury Shoed up to check on the work and she was wonderful again reassuring me and detailing what was involved in the cleanup. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Upland because of the wonderful caring way I was treated and reassured.

Mrs. Ayers from Palm Springs, CA wrote "We were hit by a storm and flooding, we were referred to SERVPRO of Upland and were happily surprised. They swiftly, assessed the problem, devised a plan and were here with a proposal and new and silent blowers and dehumidifier equipment within hours. The crew did what they promised solving our problem quickly and effectively. They came a long way to be helpful and any comments here cannot fully express our satisfaction and gratitude.

Not only were SERVPRO of Upland efficient and knowledgeably, but also they were good, honest people. We were impressed from the 1st day of our water damage we had. A wonderful company to work with.

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and thorough manner in which they addressed our damage problem as well as any questions we had. They made our unpleasant situation bearable.

Our lives changed in an instant when a water pipe broke, luckily we called SERVPRO of Upland and immediately Tim and his team came on site saving the day. After initial questions and concerns, we were very impressed that Abbey took a special interest in our case and made a special trip to follow up on the quality of treatment and answered all questions. They demonstrated professionalism and client-centered approach to a difficult situation.

Sharon Loya from Fontana, CA wrote " Your staff were very professional and understanding and respectful "

Cynthia Aguirre from Upland, San Antonio Heights wrote " Keep up the great work, having the owner come to my house in person working along side by side with his crew, were very kind, did and excellent team work. All the guys were so nice, informative and re assuring that every thing was going to be OK. made me feel so much better :-) "

The Team Was Fabulous!

Very professional, courtesy, and on-time.

Great company. Don't think there is one better.

The team was helpful and professional. I appreciate the immediate response and ongoing communication. Great job!

Very professional and courteous. Everything was completed quickly and efficiently.

Appreciate the ongoing updates and contact. Crew was professional, and even cleaned up at the end of the day!

Excellent service in the time of a disaster. As helpful as possible for a first time disaster experience, and very knowledgeable.

Keep up the fast, smart, diligent work. The crew was very professional and took care of me like family. Thank you!

None! You cannot improve on perfection!